dinsdag 19 februari 2008

Product ownership

I've been catching up on agile development lately, more specific, on the scrum methodology.

After sorting through various books, course material and tons of useful talks to colleagues, peers and agile people (not necessarily claiming they are agile but definitely adopting the concepts). First of all, I wish to thank all of these people for the time they took to educate me. I feel at a point now where I have a grasp on how it works and I'm past the steep hill in the learning curve. A good time to look back.

Starting with a statement: "Having seen the waterfall system in action one to many times, I am sure there is a better way". This, combined with my current employer wanting to adopt scrum, is what drove me down this road. Being on the operational side of the building, I have been experiencing product ownership from up close and here's what I think are important qualities for becoming a good product owner.

  1. A deep understanding of the problem at hand
  2. A good enough technical background
  3. Great communication and negotiation skills
  4. A "business sense" and a vision
  5. No other job

Unfortunately, many companies (including mine), horribly fail at most (or even all) of the above, especially the last one.

In the coming articles, I'll be elaborating more on those 5 points (= nice hook to have some more articles on my blog :) )

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