maandag 11 februari 2008

Ardenskie 3.0

For the third year in a row, a bunch of former fellow students went on a weekend to the Ardennes. Doing all you expect a bunch of geeks to do on a boys-weekend-out. Upon arrival, the big table was taken by a 24 port gigabit switch and laptops, network cables, gizmo's and other electronics. Not that we spent a lot of time there, just every now and again setting a queue to borrow some of the friends material.

Friday night was mainly sponsored by Dr. Oetker and Jupiler. On Saturday we took some time out to sit back, chill and enjoy some of the local beverages. I put my hopes on Captain Morgan (original spiced rum), he didn't disappoint me. It's nice to just sit in the sun, share time with friends and forget all about the daily worries, even if only for a day. We ended up in Durbuy at night, in a near empty restaurant. After getting our food served, we started to understand the near emptyness of it. The food on it's own wasn't bad, but "serve with a smile" seemed an odd concept to the place. Too bad, we did have money to burn if they did some effort.

Sunday, traditionally, ended at Don Antonio for an excellent fresh made pizza.

Memorable facts of this edition:

  • Vicious Vince (aka Poofter) calling the sleeping people at 3am to hear their ringtone.
  • Bladders, Eraser, Crossmol and myself going shopping and buying all of the Mozarella Discs available at the local Delhaize.
  • Bladders having a bit of a jet-lag after 2 weeks Shanghai and so waking up at 7am every day.
  • Azzy doesn't like pizza, and still he's our friend :)
  • Many more, not all suitable for publication

Many thanks to the usual suspects for making it a great weekend. Poofter, Rubella, Punkie, Azzy, Apolio, Eraser, Bladders, Crossmol.

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